About Allan Harvey...

Allan Harvey was born in South Wales. For the last 30 years he has been London-based.

In the late '80s he worked with others to bring the cyber-punk fanzine THE HARDCORE into existence, and continued to write and draw comic strips within its pages until 1993. He regularly produces work for the APA 247 amateur press association. He occasionally produces strips for the small press; most notably, the MageWorks series for Violent!

Allan lists his artistic influences as including such diverse stylists as Jack Kirby, Colleen Doran, Adam Hughes, Barry Windsor-Smith, Jim Steranko, Alphonse Mucha and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of comics history, he has written numerous articles for Back Issue magazine published by Twomorrows. He also produces a blog looking at the lighter side of comics, Gorilla Daze, that includes his web strip Bleeding Between the Lines

With over twenty years as a graphic professional behind him, Allan's digital expertise has led to Colleen Doran commissioning him to fully restore the missing artwork for a new edition of A Distant Soil. Due this summer from Image, the book promises to present Colleen's vision with a clarity never previously seen.

A DISTANT SOIL Restoration

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